The world as we know it consists of both truth and falsehood. A careful examination would indicate that falsehood is nothing but a misinterpretation of the truth, either due to our circumstances or due to limitations of our senses and mind. In the well-known rope and snake analogy, the rope is the truth and the snake is the falsehood that doesn't exist without the rope. But, till this realisation dawns, all our thoughts and actions would be based on falsehood. Oftentimes, continuing for generations across society.

Similarly, if we consider any technology as the metaphorical truth, its malefic use is falsehood. A loudspeaker can be used to propagate good and also to instigate the gullible into violence. Similarly, today’s social media, the metaphorical truth, is falsehood when used malevolently.

An understanding of truth and falsehood is essential to understand Krishna when he says: I have created four varnas (divisions) based on differentiation of Gunas and Karmas, but know me to be the non-doer and immutable (4.13)."

Krishna clearly says that such division is based on gunas but not a function of birth and further they are neither water-tight compartments nor hierarchical. The three gunas are present in all of us in different proportions and these give rise to the four broad divisions, in terms of karma. As we look around us, we find that some people are knowledge and research oriented; some into politics and administration; some into agriculture and businesses; and some are in service and jobs. This division brings different flavours in the physical world like Einstein, Alexander, Picasso and Mother Teresa; like colours in the rainbow.

While the truth is that humans are of four types because of the gunas and karmas, a falsehood was built that the division is hierarchical and is based on birth.

Source - Daily World

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