The physical entities are governed by predictable behaviours and properties. Krishna gives insight into the relationship between the all powerful unmanifested and manifested when he says, “In whatever way people are devoted to Me, in that measure, I manifest Myself to them. All men, in every manner, pursue a path to Me.” (4.11)

This is firstly an assurance from the Lord that whatever path we pursue and however contradictory these paths may appear, all of them are paths to the unmanifested paramatma. Secondly, the

Lord responds like a multi dimensional mirror that reflects and resonates our feelings, thoughts and actions. Thirdly, when we sow a seed, it takes time to attain its full potential of a tree and this time lag prevents us from fully understanding this principle of resonance of paramatma.

If we fill our lives with unconditional love and sraddha (trust), love and sraddha are inevitably returned in due course making our lives joyful. If we sow anger, fear, hatred, cruelty or jealousy then the same will be served back making our lives miserable. There are countless examples of these and the point to be noted is that we miss the organic link between the two due to the time lag between the sowing and reaping.

This verse operates both at a subtle and gross level. While looking to realise our big dreams, we should never lose sight of small wins that help us realise the supreme consciousness at the experiential level.

Krishna further says that "Desiring success of their actions, men adore the devatas, as achievement accruing from an activity is readily attained" (4.12).

Devatas are nothing but glimpses of the Paramatma. We have to shed ahankaar to realiseParamatma, but it takes time. Devatas are the halfway point in the journey towards realising the Paramatma while we are still shedding ahankaar.

Source - Daily World

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