Two types of wise men have guided humanity in its quest to understand the inner self.  One approaches from the positive side and another from the negative, though the destination remains the same in both cases. The difference lies in the starting point of the journey and our choice of path depends on our nature.

The positively-oriented describes 'that' which is indestructible, eternal, stable and pervades all as 'complete' and to which nothing can be added. 'Creativity' is a metaphor for it.

The negatively-oriented describes 'that' which is indestructible, eternal, stable and pervades all as 'empty' and from which nothing can be removed. 'Space' is a metaphor for it.

In any case, both 'Creativity' and 'Space' are capable of having creation/material manifestation. It is easy to intuitively understand that 'creativity' brings about creation.

On the other hand, science came to the conclusion that the universe was created out of 'emptiness' and 'space'  has the power to bring this universe in to existence. ‘Space' is all pervasive, starting from the smallest atom to the mighty universe.

Krishna says in the oft-quoted verse(2.23)  'that' ( dehi /soul) can't be burnt by fire; weapons can't cleave it; water can't dissolve it; wind can't wither it.

Can a weapon destroy 'space' or 'creativity'? Certainly not. At best it can transform the physical manifestation of 'creativity'. Similarly, fire can neither destroy creativity nor space. Its ability/power is limited to turning wood into ash and both are material/physical forms. Water too cannot dissolve creativity or space. Similarly, wind has neither the power nor the skills to wither them.

'Creativity' can bring creation into existence, but creation doesn't have power to affect 'creativity'. The important thing is the direction. Clouds come and go in the sky, but they can't influence sky.

Source - Daily World


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