Dwelling further on Sat (real/permanence) and Asat (unreal/impermanence), Krishna asks us to contemplate on 'that' which is indestructible and which pervades all.

The popular and easy understanding about creation is that it is the work of a creator. But Krishna points towards 'creativity', which is a constant evolutionary force. For example it causes sprouting from seeds. The sprout and the seed (both creations) can be destroyed, but not 'creativity', which is at work tirelessly and pervades all around. While the creation is bound by time, 'creativity' is beyond time.  Creation takes birth and ceases to exist after death, whereas 'creativity' is indestructible.

'Creativity' is the real kartha in the sense that it engenders creation. It creates feelings and emotions. It creates physical forms like our body and mind.

Knowledge and memory are always of past and creation (karma-phal) is in the future. 'Creativity' always happens in the present.

'Creativity' is the ability to use knowledge and wisdom to absorb the pleasant and unpleasant sensations perceived by senses and react independent of them. 

Our senses are only capable of sensing creation and one needs to transcend them to realise 'creativity'.  One can align with it through realization, but it can never be owned.

The best moment of joy is when we are aligned with 'creativity', be it in our profession or in our personal lives. For a karma yogi , this is easily attained with mastery of a skill.

While our real nature is 'creativity', we usually try to identify ourselves with creation. This false identification with creation gives us the illusion of Kartha and is the source of Ahankaar .

The moment we identify with creativity, we can see creativity all around. To do this Krishna asks us to see others in ourselves and ourselves in others; and finally to see HIM in everything and everywhere.


Source - Daily World


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