The Gita contains many master keys which have the capacity to open up many doors and  bypass hurdles we face in the path of self realisation.  One such master key is to see yourself in others and others in you. Krishna implores us to realize that its HIM in all of us and he is hinting at the un-manifested (form-less). Krishna elsewhere asks us to raise ourselves to bow to a donkey or a thief as if we are bowing to the LORD.

Based on the inputs brought in by the senses, our minds are  programmed to divide and judge situations into safe/pleasant or unsafe/unpleasant. This is necessary and useful to  protect us from imminent dangers. Like any technology, the mind is double-edged too and crosses its mandate, to became our master. This is essentially the birth place of Ahankaar . What this master key says is to make the mind a slave to minimise division/judgement so that cohesion/unity appears. No complex physical entity, including our body can survive without this cohesion.

When we use this master key, we develop compassion for others and raise awareness about ourselves. The best way to realize this is to start with a person whom we consider a foe, for whatever reason and see that person as the LORD. Certainly it is difficult as many unpleasant memories and feelings are attached to them and with time that unpleasantness melts to give way to joy. In fact there must have been situations where all of us have done this and we just need to put it into practice more often. 

Awareness (about self) and Compassion(for others) are the two oars of the boat to row in the path given by the Gita, towards shores of the inner self.

Once we understand this, could we see Lord Krishna in Corona !

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