The Gita was born in the battlefield  and  the current COVID-19 days are similar to the Kurukshetra battle.  One phrase in the Gita neatly sums it up : nimitta maatra -just being an instrument (in the hands of the Almighty).

 Arjun wanted to see the reality of Krishna as it is (yathaarth) and needed  an extra sense to grasp the same, just like the blind man needed an eye to see complete elephant. He was given the same by the Lord to see the Vishwaroopam of Krishna. Apart from showing reality in space, Krishna gives him access to the  future and Arjun sees that many warriors are entering into the mouth of death.

Then Lord says that these warriors would die soon and you are just an instrument in that process. Krishna clarifies that Arjun is not the Karta (doer) and secondly, he ensures that Arjuna would be free of Ahankaar when he comes out as victor, as victory is the biggest booster of Ahankaar .

At the same time, Krishna didn't let Arjun leave the battlefield.  Nimitta Maatra is internal realization and what flows out of this is bound to be pure and free of Ahankaar .

In the times of COVID-19, for a person on the street or in a  situation room, the difficulties are similar to those of Arjuna. With virtually no treatment in the near future we are simply  Nimitta Matra (inside) and should do our best in the role assigned (outside). This small realization can actually be a boon as many concepts, of the Gita, are not clear until they are experienced in life, especially in a tough situation. A lump of coal transforms into a diamond under extreme pressure and gold becomes pure in a flame.

 These testing times are breeding grounds to nurture the realization of nimitta maatra and this small thread has the potential to take us closer to our inner self through the path of surrender.

Source - Daily World


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